Energetic stones, a gift from nature

Energy stones can be seen as a channel that has the power to filter the energy from the environment to only leave us with the good things that the universe has for us. Each of the energy stones we come across has different properties and functions.

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Each of the energy stones is unique, and it is considered very important that once they have an owner, they are always kept with that person, since energy stones recharge and purify themselves based on the person they are with, acquiring a pattern and function that they will not perform correctly if they change owners.

Piedras energéticas, variedad de piedras con poderes de energía junto con velas

Powers of energy stones

As mentioned before, each variety of energy stones has different powers and functions, so it is worth knowing what they are used for and how they can help each person depending on their particular needs.

Rose quartz: considered the stone of love, but also has functions for fidelity and peace. Therefore, if we are going through a complicated situation, one of these energy stones is key in the search for peace. Agate: its meaning is variable, but in most cases it helps with courage, strength, and healing. Similarly, it is considered to help with envy. Tiger’s Eye: This type of energy stone helps find courage, acquire protection from bad vibes, and gives more energy to its owners. Amber: the stone of longevity, health, and fertility. It is very good for those looking to start a family or in a complicated health situation. Crystal quartz: The ultimate protection stone, thanks to its powers of energy purification, it also helps with expanding and calming the mind.

Piedras energéticas, mano sosteniendo un cuarzo blanco para aprovechar sus beneficios

LapisLazuli: Due to its color, it has been associated with divine forms such as virgins and saints since ancient times. This type of energy stone can provide you with protection or calmness, making it ideal for people who need shelter.


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