Spheres for energy flow

At Cuarzos.MX we offer spheres made of authentic quartz that provide various properties. Their use is ideal for improving the energy of a place or space. Below, we will tell you what properties are attributed to spheres made of quartz.

The use of quartz spheres can have great benefits for both our energy and our health. These contributions can be reflected in our environment and with the people around us.

Esferas; para la energía sobre pequeños pedestales de madera, ideales para mejora el flujo de energía positiva de las personas y así como los lugares.

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What are semi-precious stone spheres?

Semi-precious stone spheres are objects that are believed to have great power and influence on psychic abilities.

Quartz spheres can purify the environment to maintain positive and balanced energies. The vibration level of spheres is believed to be able to tune in to what individuals need, particularly in terms of spiritual healing.

In addition, they are related to purification and enhancement of the body, acting as a cleanser of the soul. Spheres also have the power to absorb energy and release it to provide well-being and balance.

Properties of quartz-made spheres

Some spheres are suitable for meditation, spiritual lucidity, and inner vision, as the reflected light from the inside of the spheres is believed to offer spiritual healing to individuals.

Staring inside a quartz-made sphere is said to allow white light to penetrate deeper into our consciousness. Over time, it has been believed that by focusing on the sphere, one can see situations from another time.

The use of spheres can vary; it is considered that reading the spheres stimulates the third eye and encourages the ability to see beyond time and space.

Moreover, quartz-made spheres allow for greater harmony among individuals in the space where they are placed. For many therapists, they serve as a good element during therapy sessions.

Esferas; hechas de cuarzo para el flujo de energía, esfera de cuarzo color rosa sobre un pedestal de madera, ideal para fomentar el amor y las buenas vibras.

Facilities provided by spheres.

Having a sphere at home is an excellent option, as you can use it as a decorative object and at the same time enjoy its energetic properties.

The benefits and facilities you will get when acquiring one are the following:

You can use them in rituals or body therapies, as they are easy to manipulate. They bring peace and relaxation, making them ideal to place in your office or other workspaces. They absorb energies from the environment better, cleaning the air. They work with all Chakras, contributing to balance, cleansing and healing of the soul. They stimulate positive thinking and healing of the body and mind, complementing with crystal elixirs or solarized water.


Quartz spheres

For a long time, spheres have been used for meditation and healing of various ailments, and have even been named as energy massagers.

In Europe, since the 19th century, it is said that magicians, or people dedicated to magic, placed spheres under their pillows to strengthen their abilities to predict the future. Since then, many families of all kinds have introduced them into their homes to improve in different aspects.

White quartz spheres:

The white quartz sphere is used to attract positive things into our lives. With its vibrational level, this crystal tunes into the specific requirements of the person who requests healing or engages in spiritual work. It cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies, acting as a deep soul cleanser. The white quartz then absorbs and releases the energy produced by this ritual to bring about the well-being of the body.

Esferas; Cuarzo para las energías, esferas hechas con cuarzo de colores, rosa, verde, morada, amarilla, trasparente, blanco, de colores, y más, para las vibras.


At Cuarzos.mx, we have a great catalog of semi-precious stone spheres, ideal for you to use and promote positive energy.

Discover each of the crafts and elements we have for you and improve the energy of your space.

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