Quartz is a mineral resource that has been used as jewelry for many centuries, for various purposes and beliefs, such as spirituality or class distinction. A very common piece of jewelry we can see is rings.

Quartz rings provide us with the elegance of nature, as well as the energy of wearing a precious jewel that gives us protection and spirituality. For example, amethyst or tiger’s eye rings.

Quartz rings, beautiful stones becoming a part of you

There is a great variety of quartz rings and wholesale quartz sales in Mexico, as they come in different colors and multiple shapes, quartz rings offer us endless possibilities and combinations with our energy and outfits; allowing us to wear jewelry close to the earth and nature.

Quartz is a mineral that has inhabited the earth for centuries, which has caused it to be charged with esoteric and healing energy; providing us with great spiritual benefits when used as rings or other jewelry accessories.


Models of quartz for rings.

Within the wide variety of quartz rings that exist, we can highlight some of the most commonly used types in their creation or composition:

  • Macrocystalline: refers to almost all precious and semi-precious stones, as well as large hexagonal crystals.
  • Microcrystalline or Cryptocrystalline: This type of quartz for rings is characterized by opaque stones.
  • Amorphous: these are stones without a specific structure or shape.

One modern way to wear these stones daily and obtain their benefits is by using rings. This way, we can attract the stones' energy and generate good energy to project to the world.

Get to know their spiritual energy

When choosing a ring, we must consider not only the design that best fits our personal style, but also the function that the stone's color provides.

To help you find the right rings, we have prepared a simplified guide to the great benefits you can get from each type of precious crystal. This way, you can make the best choice from the wide range of options available in Cuarzos.MX's catalog.


Red quartz rings

Within this variety for rings, these quartz stones help stimulate energy; increase creativity and vitality; Red colors are also associated with passion. The use of this color in your rings has an effect primarily on raising the energy of the base chakra, making it the right one if we are in a convalescent state.


Blue quartz rings

This type of quartz is ideal for use in rings as it helps us achieve calm and balance; it helps create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility; it is a great way to create optimal communication channels.

Pink quartz rings

Known as the stone of love, with strong spiritual force to achieve self-love and love for others, as well as confidence, peace, and compassion. If we want to attract romance or improve the energy of a romantic relationship, it is achieved through the use of a pink quartz ring.

Green quartz rings

The color green symbolizes health, helps promote empathy and abundance; its spiritual energies help us ward off negative energies and attract tranquility.

By wearing rings with green quartz, it is associated with attracting good luck and openness to positive changes. It provides motivation to achieve goals thanks to its calming and balancing effect on the spirit.

Quartz for ring making

Purple Quartz Rings

When we wear purple quartz rings, we can harness its energy to give intention to our desires. It helps to clear the mind, making it an ideal stone for spiritual work.

White Quartz Rings

Also known as rock crystal, thanks to its purifying and protective properties, it helps us eliminate negative energies from the body, providing us with peace within ourselves and our environment. Wearing rings with this colored stone brings us serenity, peace, and calm.

Fluorite Quartz Rings

Considered a cleaning stone that enables spiritual cleansing and purification. It has powerful energy to elevate positive vibes through mental balance, and wearing rings with this stone facilitates internal order, which is useful in short meditations you can do daily.

Within the wide variety of quartz that can be used for rings, we can notice the great spiritual benefits we get, as well as the beautiful design in each of these pieces.

Why use Quartz Rings?

When it comes to quartz jewelry, pink quartz rings and rings of other colors have traditionally been present throughout history, thanks to the appreciation of these stones since the medieval era.

When we use quartz in rings, we are following an ancestral line that has been maintained for many years, and its use is related to great spiritual treatments that can benefit us for many years.

Quartz is a mineral composed of oxygen and silicon, resulting in a durable and ideal stone for completing our jewelry; quartz rings from Cuarzos.MX are ideal because we guarantee quality and durability.

For millennia, rose, red, green, blue, white, and other colored quartz rings have been recognized for their mystical, healing, and energetic properties that protect and spiritually help us in complicated processes of our lives or in situations where energies can affect us.

In ancient civilizations, these rings have been used as amulets or protective jewelry; since they are related to great healing powers, for many years, priests and kings were the only ones who wore these precious jewels as a sign of superiority, elegance, and power, all of this, the result of the strong energies that these rings can emanate.

Starting in the second half of the 20th century, rings containing these stones became a cutting-edge piece of jewelry due to the mineral's versatility in shapes, allowing Cuarzos.MX to have innovative designs that perfectly combine with any style.

Due to their sensitive properties, including quartz in rings and other jewelry pieces is considered a great idea, as they can be easily worn comfortably.

The quartz stones used for rings are found in different parts of the world, as well as in different sizes and colors, which can be clear as a crystal or more opaque. This great variety allows us to make beautiful and distinctive pieces.

For all these reasons, quartz rings have become a must-have piece if the goal is spiritual protection or good vibes. With the advantage of accompanying and accentuating the look of the people who wear them.

About our quartz rings

As you know, a quartz ring is a symbol of magic, purification, and temperance. These precious stones are sometimes attributed with different magical, calming, and cleansing properties, such as rose quartz rings, which are attributed with properties that refer to love, white quartz rings, which help to turn any negative energy we have into something positive, and other quartz rings that benefit us in being in harmony, taking on the function of relaxing us or making us have a healthy balance.

The wholesale sale of quartz in Mexico and quartz rings is important because they are extremely powerful and energetic amulets, capable of promoting luck, well-being, abundance, contact with nature, and of course, inner peace.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most abundant and common minerals we can find on our planet. Therefore, they come in different shapes and colors in the wholesale sale of quartz in Mexico. There are even varieties of quartz that are combined with other minerals to resemble a landscape, and when it is turned into quartz rings, it takes on a unique elegance.

It is said that the healing stones of quartz rings have many properties and benefits that include energy purification, cleansing of all chakras, physical and emotional healing properties, as well as unique metaphysical and spiritual properties.

Give yourself the opportunity to get to know the wholesale sale of quartz in Mexico and have quartz rings between your fingers. In certain moments, some crystals of this stone are said to have calming, detoxifying, curative properties, for relieving stress, for the immune system, for migraines, metabolic and circulatory problems, anxiety, sleep, depression, love, digestion, among other illnesses.

In ancient times, quartz rings were associated with essential healing processes; the truth is that it is an ancestral item that goes beyond an aesthetic issue. For this reason, we invite you to discover the different options that you can get from wholesale quartz sales in Mexico at Cuarzos.MX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Quartz?

In the world, there are just over 300 types of quartz, but it is worth noting that each type has a property that distinguishes them, such as the aforementioned rose quartz rings that are related to love, or green quartz rings that are related to abundance, so their effects vary depending on the type and of course, the person who uses them. So you should consider what you want to attract or heal and then what quartz is related to it.

What happens if someone touches my quartz?

If someone touches your quartz, there should be no negative effect on the stone itself. However, there may be an exchange of energy between the person and the quartz, which could affect the energy of the stone.

If you are using a quartz for health purposes or for meditation, we recommend keeping it clean so that it does not become contaminated with the energy of other people.

If someone touches your quartz, you can clean and charge it to restore its energy and remove any external influence.

How to know if a quartz is charged?

There are different ways to know, such as:

  • Sensation of energy: When you hold a charged quartz in your hands, you can feel a sensation of energy emanating from the stone, something like a tingling, a current of energy, or an increase in heat.
  • Intuition: You can trust your instincts and what you feel in your heart and mind.
  • Visible vibration: If you place a charged quartz on a flat surface, you may be able to see the vibration in the stone, you can observe subtle movements, vibrations or even flashes of light.

What does a quartz ring mean?

The meaning of a quartz ring may vary depending on the person who wears it, the intention they have given it, and the colors we mentioned earlier. However, in general, quartz is considered a powerful stone for protection, mental clarity, and healing.

Are you looking for quartz rings for yourself?

We have a wide catalog of quartz rings available for you to wear and attract through energies what you desire. Discover now the rings that Cuarzos.MX has for you; we guarantee high quality and durability in each of them; add your favorite to your shopping cart in our online store now.

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