Smoked quartz is named because of its appearance and it simulates smoke inside. It can be found in shades of brown and black. Smoked quartz is one of the varieties of minerals that offer greater benefits for spiritual development, as this aspect influences our behavior and vision regarding who we are and who we are around. Quartz is a source of energy due to its nature from mother earth, so smoked quartz is a mineral that is often used to channel and root the light of the universe on the physical plane. It is associated with the first chakra, known as the root chakra; helping us to assimilate what is vital and also to detach from what is left over. So its energetic properties are: dissolving negative energies, promotes positive thinking and brings emotional calm. It helps achieve sincere desires.

Cleaning for this type of quartz

Smoked quartz represents more than a simple “stone”, since it is possible to form bonds of friendship due to its spiritual properties. Normally, smoked quartz can be cleaned in different ways; being the main contact of smoked quartz with the four elements, as they manage to capture different properties.

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Energetic Properties: Dissolves negative energies, promotes positive thinking and provides emotional calm. Helps achieve sincere desires.  


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