Do you want to maintain an atmosphere of harmony, peace and love in your home? Rose quartz in the form of an angel is one of the main symbols that promotes and attracts these important elements in our day to day. The rose quartz stone is ideal as a help to spend each day with calm and peace. The rose quartz angel is ideal to keep close to you or to give it to someone important, to encourage their self-esteem and personal relationships. Its healing properties will improve some saved resentment and help you find a greater connection with your family, friends or partner. Rose quartz is an amulet that can not miss in your life, its properties will attract unconditional love and romance to your life. In we care about your tranquility and peace Without a doubt rose quartz is more than just a mineral, its energy will bring peace and unconditional love to your life. Purchase only here at

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Features of the product:

Large pink quartz angel
Measurements: 14 cm high x 11 cm wide (part of the wings) approx.
Mineral: Pink quartz
Color: Soft Pink
Metal: gold plated wire
Note: due to the nature of the product, shades and veins may vary slightly.
Properties: Stone of love, provides emotional balance, self-esteem, harmony for the heart.


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