The beautiful Angel of Amethyst Quartz is all you need to have a protective environment in your home; this powerful quartz transforms negative energy into positive energy. Quartz Mx is your best choice if you are looking for where to buy quartz of the best quality.

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Measurements: 14 cm high x 11 cm wide (part of the wings) approximately
Mineral: Amethyst Quartz Quartz
Color: shades of lilac
Metal: gold plated wire
Properties: Amethyst quartz helps transmute negative energy into positive. Quartz Protection.

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As part of an extensive mining tradition of Zacatecas, we bring the best quartzs for you worked in a totally artisan way Check out our extensive catalog of quartzs and let yourself be surprised by Cuazos Mx!

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The beautiful Angel of Amethyst Quartz is a beautiful figure made of amethyst quartz with shades of lilac and gold plated wire. Transform negative energy into positive energy with the power of amethyst quartz, while giving a touch of peace and harmony to your home Get the most beautiful figures made with quartz only here in Quartz Mx!


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