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Quartz points are six-sided formations with a sharpened tip. Usually, you can find them made of crystal or other translucent materials that give them a shiny appearance.


Quartz points have historically been associated with many properties that can help people on physical and emotional levels. Quartz points; At Cuarzos.mx we have a wide variety of points made of quartz, points in purple, transparent, green, and yellow colors.

What are quartz points used for?

The way that quartz points are formed allows them to transmit their energy around without interruption. For this reason, they have the ability to eliminate bad vibrations and have even been attributed to renewing people's energy. Quartz points can help people improve on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Depending on the chosen crystal, the properties vary, but generally, there are healing properties, mental clarity, and determination. In holistic treatments, quartz points are used as tools to give energy to different issues in patients. Thanks to their properties, they absorb the energy from the environment and can be amplified according to the intention of the one who controls them. Similarly, in Japanese alternative medicine, quartz points are used in healing therapies called Reiki. Many other people direct the energy of the quartz to particular goals, in order to prevent the energy from being wasted. More and more people claim that these minerals have the ability to emit vibrations with healing properties. In addition, they are widely used in different fields of study for alternative medicine and healing therapies in many parts of the world. Quartz crystals align the body and mind in a deep way, helping a person to reach their potential. Some experts advise carrying a quartz crystal point when they are about to make an important decision and when facing new challenges in life. Both quartz and other crystals can amplify one's perception of the desired future, showing a clearer path to reach it without distractions. Quartz points; Natural cut quartz points in different colors, white, pink, green, and purple, ideal for improving energy.

How are quartz points used?

Using quartz points is actually quite simple. First, it is necessary to know the qualities of each quartz, and then place it in the indicated place once it has been chosen. The home is a good place to put quartz points. It's just a matter of finding a room or space that is special to place it. Similarly, many people decide to put it next to windows, as the crystal has reflective capabilities from natural light. This way, quartz points radiate energy more powerfully in all corners of the room. The work area is also an important place to put the quartz points, as its mental clarity properties can facilitate the completion of everyday tasks that require concentration. Additionally, it helps to eliminate all negative energies from the work environment and keeps the mind at peace. On some occasions, it has been recommended to write down wishes on a piece of paper and then place the paper under a quartz point. This way, those desires can be achieved or materialized. Quartz points; Transparent quartz points ideal for improving energy, they have multiple physical and mental healing properties.

Get Quality Quartz Points at Cuarzos.Mx

At Cuarzos.Mx, we have the catalog of quartz points you need to place anywhere in your home or workplace. Check out the following products we have for you: This point is made from minerals such as white quartz, red jasper, orange calcite, and citrine, among others. It is very helpful for protecting and keeping the body's chakras balanced. Its design with a double point increases its ability to distribute energy everywhere. Its properties symbolize concentration, tranquility, and calmness for communicating with others. Additionally, it helps reduce stress. This point helps block all negative energies that can unbalance thoughts and the body's health. Its black color makes it an elegant piece that will undoubtedly look good anywhere it is placed. The properties of this quartz point are to transmit peace, tranquility, and facilitate spiritual connection. Additionally, its double point facilitates the flow of energy in both directions. Sunstone is quite useful to stimulate vitality and energy in people. Additionally, its orange color with bicolor veins makes it pleasant for crowded spaces. It is very useful to use this point to stimulate metabolism, as well as strengthen tolerance and communication. For this reason, it is recommended to place it in shared rooms or living rooms.  

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