Pink quartz: To attract love, harmony, and emotional balance

Rose quartz in jewelry accessories is ideal for protecting emotional health and attracting love to your mind and body. It’s a natural therapeutic relaxant that releases tensions from the body and mind. Get your rose quartz for love here at Cuarzos.Mx.


Rose quartz that attracts and fills your life with love.

Cuarzo rosa: mujer en spa con cuarzo rosa para relajarse

Pink quartz is known as the quartz of love, providing energy to balance emotional health by releasing stress and sadness. Its natural beauty makes this crystal one of the most popular talismans in our store. In addition, its healing properties make it very attractive to use for taking care of physical and mental health.

This beautiful mineral is found in some parts of the world such as South Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, and Spain, but there are also some rose quartz deposits in Mexico, such as those found in Zacatecas.

The beauty and properties that a stone like this has make it one of the favorites of many; it is also known for attracting positive energies related to love, not only platonic love, but in all areas of life.


In this category, you will find different pink quartz jewelry pieces, decorative elements that you can carry with you or place in your home to fill your life with love, holistic products, and personal care items that are perfect for massages or energetic healing therapies.

Regarding this content, we will talk to you about the properties of this quartz that will surely be of great use when ordering yours from Cuarzos.Mx.

Pink Quartz

Pink quartz is associated with love, representing tranquility, peace, benevolence, and tenderness. Particularly, this crystal projects tranquility and balance in love, not only in the love that others provide to your life but also in your own. An amulet with this crystal will fill your life with this pure feeling.

The properties of pink quartz are vibratory and generate an environment with harmony and peace, so it is ideal to have a decorative piece made with this quartz. This stone has the quality of freeing us from the negative energies that we receive and providing us with a calm environment.

The natural energies that pink quartz attracts are positive and balance the zones of the body and space in the home. A crystal like rose quartz is very common for jewelry accessories such as earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Most people who use it turn to this amulet to balance their emotions and attract more love into their life.

Pink quartz works for people with emotional problems, depression, and sadness, so this stone is ideal for attracting love and emotional stability to those who are going through difficult times. So, add the piece you want to use in your day-to-day or place in your home so that all that positive energy has an impact around you.

Origin of Pink Quartz

In ancient times, Greek and Roman cultures used pink quartz stones as an offering of pure love between couples. These minerals were considered a blessing from Aphrodite or Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. They were not far from their meaning, as this stone is special for attracting love to whoever wears it.

The meaning of pink quartz is closely related to its color, as pink represents sweetness, tranquility, femininity, compassion, and love. The positive energy it carries supports and revives relationships to bring joy, passion, and satisfaction. Its delicate charm and calming subtle color have a relaxing effect on the mind and body.

Pink quartz is the stone of universal love; it restores trust and harmony in relationships, promoting unconditional love. Additionally, it purifies and opens the heart on all levels to promote self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of inner peace.

As mentioned, it is soothing and comforting, helping to console in times of pain. Pink quartz dissipates negativity and also protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibrations. Not to mention that it also promotes forgiveness and acceptance, invoking personal trust and self-esteem.

Its properties

The powerful vibrations that echo in your environment (home, work, school) are the way the benefits of pink quartz affect your life. For many years, this beautiful crystal has been appropriated as the "stone of the heart" or the "stone of love," an important mineral that attracts new loves, keeps family ties together, and nurtures friendship.

The presence of pink quartz in your home brings emotional, physical, and spiritual healing that will completely renew your lives.

At, we invite you to discover them! Just buy the item you prefer from our store.

  • The powers of pink quartz in the workplace can be felt, as it controls personal disagreements and conflicts.
  • Regarding romantic relationships, this beautiful quartz helps strengthen love and the romantic relationship.
  • Also, promoting the awakening of sensual creativity and tender fantasies are well-known powers of pink quartz.
  • The emotional healing powers of pink quartz produce lasting positive results as it empties repressed negative emotions.
  • It is an aphrodisiac that fosters passion and intimacy between you and your partner, if you have problems, carry a pink quartz stone with you.
  • Pink quartz can work wonders while you sleep, because it not only gives you a deep sleep, but also blocks nightmares and produces happy dreams.

The comparison of other quartz with the emotional healing properties of pink quartz is more subtle. It can resonate soft and strong vibrations in your environment to go straight to the heart and release negative emotions that have been clinging for a long time.

Pink quartz works well with childhood trauma, fear, and anger; it helps to let go and deal with negative emotions to start the path towards forgiveness and unconditional love.

At Cuarzos.MX, we have beautiful pieces of pink quartz for decoration and amulets that you can use as jewelry, all made with 100% original quartz pieces.

Cuarzo rosa: mujer cargando cuarzo rosa para el amor

Energy of Pink Quartz

In quartz, it is possible to find two types of energy, receptive and projective. The energy of pink quartz is receptive, as it helps purify energies and create a purer love, which is related to the moon and tranquility.

That is why the energy can be charged based on moonlight and nighttime energy.

Receptive and Projective Energy

Why is it important to understand projective and receptive energy? In the subject of quartz, it is valuable to understand what type of quartz we need and thus achieve different particular objectives.

Projective energy: Projective energy has the ability to transmit and flow energy out of ourselves, that is, this energy goes outward and not inward into ourselves, so we must use it with a lot of wisdom and purity.

It is ideal if we want to transmit:

  • Healing
  • Strength
  • Safety
  • Desires
  • Knowledge
  • Charisma

Usually employed in orange, red, and black quartz.

Receptive energy: Receptive quartzes are those that help to properly clean the received energy, so they help us purify ourselves from bad energies that influence a series of bad decisions. These are enhanced based on meditation.

Pink Quartz: Discover more about this stone and the power the universe lends us

Pink quartz is a stone that nature and the universe lend us to deliver vibrational energy, offering love, peace, calm, tranquility, harmony, and physical and mental well-being. It is a natural mineral stone that the universe grants to help eliminate bad vibes and protect the body and mind.

The benefits of pink quartz are also ideal for helping to eliminate tension in the body caused by various factors such as stress, worries, bad energies, among others. That is why pink quartz attracts a sense of spiritual peace and harmony.

Cuarzo rosa, distintas presentaciones del cuarzo rosa

An important recommendation about pink quartz is to use it as a jewelry accessory that protects you from negative thoughts. You can wear pink quartz in a ring, pendant, bracelet, or earrings, and thus carry a piece of protection with you that can also calm, bring peace and tranquility.

Pink Quartz: Protect and balance your physical and emotional health

Carrying a pink quartz stone with you as an accessory or necklace helps protect you against any type of negative thought that may affect your psycho-emotional health. It helps alleviate emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, sadness, and other mental and emotional health-related conditions.

In addition, pink quartz is a perfect stone that the universe gives us to attract love and, at its maximum extent, eliminates any painful emotional vibration that the body and mind may suffer. It is a stone that helps strengthen the heart chakra, balancing it to radiate vibrational energy that attracts people with love and spiritual peace.

Pink quartz is a perfect sedative to relieve emotional problems and attract inner calm, it is a powerful stone that builds love and strengthens it. Maintain an environment of tranquility and harmony in your home, place a pink quartz in your bedroom to cleanse intimate spaces where you can rest.

Another important recommendation is to place pink quartz in other spaces of your home to cleanse negative energies and attract harmony, but it is important that after continuous use, the stones are cleaned. Pink quartz, for example, can be cleaned with sea salt and water and left in the light of the full moon to recharge its energy.

Carrying a pink quartz with you is ideal for protection and for relieving various ailments, especially in matters of love. It is a stone that helps protect and alleviate emotional and physical problems. At Cuarzos.MX we have a wide variety of this therapeutic stone to heal different physical and emotional ailments. Visit our page and buy your pink quartz to protect yourself and heal your spiritual peace.

Pink quartz as an amulet and in accessories

Pink quartz is one of the most beautiful crystals that exist in the universe, which makes it quite accessible to find and acquire. Its strong energetic properties can help you have better energy with people and in your relationships.

However, the energies of all people are different, with different magnitudes, so we can always practice cleansing, purification, and energy improvement, which is vital.

We always recommend the use of pink quartz as an amulet and accessory, not only helping our own energy, but also a little of the energy of those around us. For this purpose, we especially recommend the following products for you to start using pink quartz:


This bracelet is quite discreet, helping not only to protect you from negative energies with every person you touch, but also to harmonize and focus the energy of love in your own hands. It's quite useful if you think about it, as it's located in the limbs that we use the most and from which energy is transmitted the most.


We have chosen this necklace as an accessory that is visible to everyone, without losing its aesthetic appeal. It not only protects you, but also complements your other gold-colored accessories. We love wearing quartz necklaces because we use them on the neck, where the mind and body meet.


Pink quartz earrings are simply beautiful and will help us if we want to be more discreet in the face of negative energies that we don't want near us.

Delicate designs that will combine with simple or elegant outfits.

Pink quartz in the home

Pink quartz, in addition to being an amulet that should be carried everywhere, is also highly recommended for placement in our home, work or business, as these environments should also concentrate that energy of harmony, peace and balance.

If you are interested in purifying not only yourself, but also your home, then we recommend the following products:


The pink quartz incense holder and pen holder heart is great if you want to purify decorative, professional, and residential areas, such as libraries, desks, or even display cases.


The Pink Quartz Jumbo Angel is incredibly beautiful for areas that we want to decorate in a striking way, such as the living room, dining room, or residential areas.


The Pink Quartz Abundance Tree is one of the most beautiful products we can offer you, simply a decoration that transmits all the spiritual and energetic essence of peace, love, and harmony of either a couple or family.

Receptive and Projective Energy

Why is it important to understand receptive and projective energy? Well, in the subject of crystals it is important because we can understand what kind of crystal we need to achieve different objectives in particular.

Projective Energy: Projective energy has the ability to transmit and make outgoing energy flow from our being, that is, this energy goes outward and not inward, so we must use it with wisdom and purity.

It is ideal if we want to transmit:

  • Healing
  • Strength
  • Security
  • Desires
  • Knowledge
  • Charisma

Normally, orange, red, and black crystals are used.

Receptive Energy: Receptive crystals are those that help in the correct cleaning of the energy that is received, so they help us to purify ourselves against bad energies that influence a series of bad decisions. These are enhanced based on meditation.

Pink quartz energy

Pink quartz energy is receptive, as it helps purify energies and create a purer love, which is why it is related to the moon and tranquility.

That's why this energy can be charged based on moonlight and nighttime energy.

Ideal combinations of pink quartz

At Cuarzos.MX, we also have amulets that come in various colors and can potentially boost your energy, purity, and quality of life. For aesthetic and design purposes, we'll opt for some combinations and their respective functions.

White quartz and pink quartz:

Clear quartz will help absorb all the energy in the surroundings, allowing for an energy restoration to give way to a new type of energy.

As we mentioned before, pink quartz helps with fertility, happiness, and harmony in the home, relationship, or even with oneself (self-esteem). However, it is of no use if we already possess negative energies from acquaintances, family, or a partner.

White quartz not only absorbs, but also purifies energies to give way to fertility, love, and happiness.

Orange quartz and pink quartz:

Youthfulness, joy, and vitality go incredibly well with love, which is why their combination is excellent for attracting that man you're looking for. The love you feel for a particular person doesn't have to manifest itself instantly, as there is no direct and proportional correlation between feeling and expressing.

Remember that pink quartz belongs to receptive energies, while orange quartz belongs to the world of projective energies.

With this, we will correctly channel that passion, love, desire, and happiness towards that special person.

Blue quartz and pink quartz:

While we've mentioned that orange quartz helps us transmit our love, blue quartz goes beyond that, not only transmitting happiness but also transmitting our deepest feelings towards that person in the appropriate way.

Making this person not only see you as someone nice, but as someone who can be more than just a friend.

Activation and care for pink quartz

For pink quartz to fulfill its function ideally, it is necessary to carry out processes such as activation and cleaning. That's why we're telling you how to do it easily.

When we talk about cleaning a quartz, it's not in the literal sense of the word, but rather energetically. To achieve this, it is necessary, at least once a month, to submerge your pink quartz in seawater or leave it in the rain, and then let it dry naturally in the sun, but not directly, as it can affect the color of the quartz.

For the activation process, it's essential to be aware that pink quartz acquires its power from moonlight, so to charge it, you should let it absorb its energy during the full moon phase all night and remove it the next morning.

Cuarzo rosa, manos sosteniendo un cuarzo rosa con forma de corazón

At Cuarzos.MX, we have the quartz you really need

With everything we've shared about this fantastic crystal, we hope the universe and entropy touch your soul, mind, and heart so that you can achieve your dreams with us by your side. Get your pink quartz at Cuarzos.MX, contact us if you have any questions, or buy your quartz right now!

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