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Quartz for Personal Care

With the passage of time, alternative aesthetic medicine has been gaining more and more importance, which can be due to the inclusion of stones for personal care.

When seeking to delay all the effects that aging signs have on the skin and the spiritual factor, the best decision that can be made is to start at an early age with natural and energetic techniques to align internal and external vibes. With Cuarzos.MX, it is possible to achieve this.


Esthetic medicine using quartz for health

As part of the comprehensive care that must be constantly carried out in every person, restoration and maintenance of aesthetics, inner and outer beauty, cannot be overlooked.

To achieve it, aesthetic medicine has resorted to using different rituals and objects with the appropriate properties, all with the purpose of obtaining a beautiful and natural appearance. Quartz has been employed as a primary resource for physical and spiritual health.

Quartz for skin health, the best ones at Cuarzos.MX

It can be said that the origin of quartz treatment for health is located in China, where its beneficial properties were discovered through traditional medicine practices. This method is effective in balancing all the energies contained in the skin or any other part of the body, generating a mental and spiritual exploration that will help regenerate cells that combat aging.

Depending on the desired outcome, the appropriate quartz for health should be used based on its properties. One of the most popular is rose quartz, as it is considered one of the most effective for eliminating dead cells and providing a brighter complexion.

Since the origin of the use of quartz for health in traditional Chinese medicine, rose quartz has been considered a valuable treatment with this stone, as it can achieve a state of mental peace and strengthen the circulatory system.

For physical appearance, using a rose quartz facial roller can help strengthen skin elasticity and even out skin tone. Overall, since its origin, the use of quartz for health purposes has helped with muscle relaxation, stress reduction, and preventing dull skin.

In order to take full advantage of the properties and benefits of quartz for health, it is necessary to include them in your daily care routine. Massaging at least once a day may be what your skin needs.

Jade: is one of the most effective stones for eliminating wrinkles, dark circles, and blemishes from the skin of the face.

Rose quartz: It is also extremely effective at making fine lines disappear regardless of age.

Amethyst: This quartz for health helps reduce the appearance of aging skin and provides the necessary firmness to smile with confidence. It is considered one of the most useful for restoring freshness to the skin after a night out.

Caring for personal health with Cuarzos.MX yoni eggs

It is very common to hear that eggs made of precious stones are of great help at a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Quartz for sexual health comes in the form of yoni eggs, objects that have become popular due to the growing wave of female empowerment and liberation, no longer condemning pleasure for women.

Yoni eggs are instruments that use the name of quartz for physical and mental health because with their use, a new perspective is taken on how to care for the female body and all those parts that have been censored for many years.

These objects are useful in the conception of the body beyond just its reproductive function. It is a proposal for self-knowledge and exploration of what each woman is and how she can generate better affective relationships with her environment. Quartz eggs can provide many benefits to those who use them, but it is a process where in addition to using a yoni egg, it is necessary to accompany it with breathing exercises that allow you to connect with the deepest part of oneself and thus be fully aware of what each one is and what their stay in a sexual sector means. This is a factor of life where it is worth getting to know oneself first before allowing someone else to get to know us.

All the properties that quartz brings to health can serve as the ideal complement to a skincare routine or much beyond physical beauty, which, although important to feel comfortable in our body, with these instruments it is also possible to make direct connections with who we are and what our role is in the world. Check out all the objects we have available at Cuarzos.MX and immerse yourself in all the benefits you can obtain from them.

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