Pendants to take care of your energy

In Cuarzos.MX we have many jewelry accessories made with quartz, one of the most attractive ones are the pendants. With different designs, symbols, and meanings, each one of them is unique, not only due to the concept of its artisanal creation but also for being loaded with good energy.

Formation of quartz for pendants

Quartz crystals are a fusion of water and sand that, through a natural process lasting thousands of years, turn into crystals. This results in beautiful but hard and resistant stones, which are very important aspects when included in pieces such as pendants. 

Due to their origin, quartz can harmonize with the energy of the person who wears them. By using them as a pendant, they can be seen as a living stone, constantly regulating the energetic activities of the environment and providing other benefits, such as mental and emotional regulation to the wearer. 

Charms, hands holding different quartz stones that will be used in the making of the pendants.

Thanks to their energetic benefits and the beauty they possess, quartz stones have been used for many years in jewelry pieces, such as pendants.

Pendants made of quartz 

Pieces of jewelry like pendants have different symbols and meanings. When choosing which one to acquire, it is necessary to be sure that it will represent who you are and the ideas you share with the world. In addition to being a beautiful accessory, pendants are a way to express your vision of life and what you want to achieve for yourself. Quartz has properties and benefits known worldwide since ancient times. Most of these benefits are related to protection, love, peace, health, tranquility, and balance.  The quartz is characterized by being composed of silica, which is present in many rocks on Earth. The main characteristics of a pendants made of quartz is that it is a piece that stands out for its beauty, originality and strong energetic powers. The attributes of each of the charms are different depending on the quartz, color, or even shape, since each one has a different meaning. In addition, charms are easy to take with you wherever you go, whether you wear them as a necklace or on a bracelet. The purpose of having them with you all the time is that they can provide you with the energetic contributions you need in your day-to-day life.

Pendants, quartz to take care of your energy, and pendants of different colors and shapes, black, gray, white, pink, green, and shapes of circle, tip, natural, and more.


Pendants made with quartz and their properties

Throughout the centuries, quartz has been used depending on its meaning, which is why it has been linked to different rituals by shamans, healers, witches or sorcerers. This has caused pendants with quartz to have benefits related to esotericism.

Pendants can be the ideal amulet, especially if they contain quartz to clarify the mind or regulate the way you harness the energy of your surroundings.

There are different types of pendants: pendants for good luck, pendants for health and protection, pendants for fortune and money, and pendants for wisdom or the mind. The type of pendant you choose will depend on what you want to obtain from it, as well as the quartz that complements it.

Pendants, quartz for energy, pendants in the shape of purple, pink, green, and transparent points, natural pendants with a pink background, and more. Order them at Cuarzos.Mx.

Following, we will tell you the meaning attributed to the dijes:
  • Protective stones: It is said that pendants with quartz ward off negative energies, which is why it is recommended to always carry them with you.
  • Energy transmuting stones: It is attributed that they absorb negative energies and transform them into positive ones.
  • Healing stones: These pendants with quartz are attributed to promoting inner peace and are used to heal various parts of the body that may have some damage, their healing is related to the positive energy that the stone possesses.

Meaning of quartz pendants by color

In addition to the previously mentioned properties, a quartz pendant can have different shades, and for each color, a different meaning has been attributed.

Below we will tell you what they are:

Pink quartz pendant: The pink pendant is characterized by attracting love, in addition to fostering and maintaining it. It is considered that not only love with others is renewed and encouraged, but also love with oneself, improving self-esteem and the confidence that can be had, apart from keeping away negative feelings. Blue quartz pendant: This quartz is better related to calmness and communication, as well as strength. It is perfect if you are looking to reflect greater security, in addition to attracting tranquility to your life. Clear quartz pendant: These pendants are attributed to attracting positive energies much more strongly because they are considered a pure quartz. White quartz pendant: The white quartz pendant is considered to serve to purify, promoting calm and peace. In addition, it is used to combat symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. It is also widely used to improve memory and to practice meditation exercises with it. Pendants, white quartz and transparent quartz in their natural state. Green quartz pendant: This pendant is attributed with attracting prosperity; however, it is also considered a symbol of health and hope, both individually and for those around you. Yellow quartz pendant: This color is associated with abundance and economic growth. Black quartz pendant: The black color is for protection from negative energy or any other harmful energy. Lila or purple quartz pendant: These quartz are related to intuition and spirituality, and are recommended for people who seek inner peace and reflection, so it is considered ideal to always carry them with you.

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Cuarzos.MX offers quartz pendants with valuable properties

Undoubtedly, stone pendants are perfect for helping and improving your energy. At Cuarzos.MX we have a wide catalog, where you can find quartz pendants of all colors, you just have to choose which energetic property you want in your life. Remember that our pendants are totally authentic and most of them are handmade by Mexican artisans. Check out our catalog and order your favorites.

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