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In recent years, facial massagers made of quartz and semi-precious stones, especially rose quartz, white quartz, jade, and obsidian, have gained substantial popularity due to the benefits and properties they provide for skin care.


There are different types of facial massagers, both in the form of rollers and the so-called Gua Sha, as well as stone-shaped and pointed massagers, which are also made with semi-precious stones. Here we will talk about the types of massagers we have for you at, as well as the benefits, properties, and characteristics they bring to the skin and how they have become a fundamental item in the beauty routine of many women. 
At Cuarzos.Mx we have quality massagers made of semi-precious stones, roller or gua sha type massagers of pink quartz, for skin care.


As previously mentioned, massagers can be made of different types of quartz, shapes, and semi-precious stones. At Cuarzos Mx we have different massagers such as: Obsidian massager; Made of obsidian, its properties help block negative energies and the dissolution of energy blockages, as well as tensions. Obsidian massager; It is useful for improving the appearance of the skin and for relaxing massages, as well as having multiple energetic properties that serve as a shield against bad vibes and negativity. Labradorite Massager: It strengthens intuition, renews energy, and helps dissipate fears and insecurities. Jade gua sha; Gua shas are designed for facial massage and cream application, helping to drain and detoxify the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and tighten the skin with a lifting effect. White quartz pointed massager; Helps to clean the environment of bad vibes, balance energy, attract and promote peace, as well as positive thoughts. Rose quartz massager; Made from the stone of love, it provides emotional balance, harmony for the heart, and self-esteem. Rhodonite massager; Ideal to be used as a massager for different parts of our body. It is a stone that promotes reconciliation and forgiveness. Massager roller; It is typically made of rose quartz, white quartz, amethyst, and green aventurine. It is characterized by having an elongated design with a long and thin cylinder in the center, which is held by two rollers on both sides. These rollers are of different sizes; the larger one is for the wider areas of our face and easy to access, and the smaller one is for the small areas. This type of massager in roller form is widely used in Eastern culture due to its multiple benefits. Below we will tell you more about it.

Benefits of massagers

The facial massager in roller form is made of semi-precious stones, which have properties and great benefits for the skin. Some of its benefits are:
  1. Reduces inflammation in the skin's blood vessels.
  2. Promotes blood circulation in the skin.
  3. Stimulates the skin and promotes brightness and luminosity.
  4. The rolling motion has a draining effect on the skin.
  5. Eliminates toxins from the skin.
  6. Prevents skin flaccidity, expression lines and helps reduce wrinkles.
  7. If you suffer from stress and facial muscle problems, the massager relaxes and destresses facial muscles.
  8. If you have prominent dark circles and eye contour, the massager helps improve the appearance of eye bags.
  9. Its use reduces daily stress, and it is quickly reflected in the face.
  10. Provides a lifting effect.
Now that you know the benefits of using the massager, it's important to know that in addition to the benefits it provides due to its function, it also has other benefits due to the material it's made of. For example, depending on the stone it's made of, it will provide you with different properties. An example of this is pink quartz. PINK QUARTZ FACIAL MASSAGER Massager; Woman performing her personal care routine with a massager made of rose quartz, for skin care and to improve circulation. At Cuarzos.Mx we have the roller massager made of rose quartz, this stone promotes love, helps improve self-esteem, as well as improves the harmony of the heart of the person who uses it and those around them. It is considered to be one of the most energetic stones there is, its properties also help to improve the energy of the composition and warmth. In the East, rose quartz as a facial massager is highly sought after and is considered an element of great importance in Chinese and Korean cosmetics.

How to use the facial massager?

The massager is used to give small massages on the face with the product or treatment that we are using in order to stimulate circulation, in addition to improving the current state of our skin. You can use it after applying face serum, as well as a moisturizer. The quartz used to make the massager will always maintain a cold temperature, making it ideal for refreshing and stimulating our skin. Some techniques suggest placing the massager in the refrigerator for a colder temperature, which can better refresh the face and provide deeper help with the area around the eyes and morning facial swelling. The massager can be used every day, but it can also be used three times a week to notice the results. It is important to have clean and hydrated skin before massaging the face. Many people also use the massager with essential oils that provide vitamins and help the skin of the face. Massager; Pink quartz roller massager for the face, ideal for improving skin circulation, and a pink quartz gua sha tool for facial massages. To have a clearer understanding of its use, below are the step-by-step instructions:
  1. Take the massager and place it on your face, applying a little pressure. If you're using a roller, use upward movements to stimulate the muscles in your face upwards.
  2. It's important that the movements are upward, as if they're downward, you may not get the same results.
  3. Now, use the massager with these movements on your chin, cheeks, forehead, and nose. Try to always maintain a balanced pressure while using the massager that's not too intense but not too minimal. You should feel the pressure on your skin without hurting yourself.
  4. With the massager roller, use the small roller to massage around your eyes. For these areas, don't use constant pressure, it should be used with more gentleness and slowness to avoid injury.
  5. The massager can also be used for upward movements on the neck and décolletage area. For these areas, we recommend using a medium pressure and massaging for several minutes.
  6. The ideal time to use the massager and do the routine is between five to ten minutes to cover all areas.
At Cuarzos. Mx we offer different types of facial massagers, get to know them all and purchase high-quality quartz on our website.

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