Unique Jewelry with the Use of Quartz

Quartz provides us with multiple spiritual benefits. For many centuries, these traditions have been reinforced and the energy of this crystal has been harnessed to make changes in people's lives.

Among the ways in which it can be used is through jewelry - an aesthetic and practical way to carry with you all the strength of the earth.

Jewelry - Jewelry rings made of quartz, available in different colors and shapes, ideal for enhancing the energy of the body and soul. width= ...


The Origin of Quartz

Quartz is a mineral composed of silica and can be found in a wide variety of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

It is characterized by having a milky and translucent vitreous luster, and there is a wide variety of colors.

A fun, useful, and beautiful way to get all the benefits that quartz provides in life is to include them in the jewelry we wear daily. Due to the structure of these minerals, they are also versatile and beautiful. At Cuarzos.MX you can find jewelry pieces that highlight the properties of these stones to complete a spectacular look.

Wearing jewelry that incorporates this type of minerals will elevate the levels of positive energy because they absorb and process it, and then regulate and release it in the best possible way.

Within the jewelry industry, it is common to use quartz since it can be cut into various shapes to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry..

The beauty and strength of quartz allow us to create stunning jewelry that helps you enhance and complement your style, as well as provide great spiritual benefits with its millenary energy..

Jewelry with Healing Powers

Many ancient cultures around the world have considered quartz to be elements with healing powers.; Using jewelry as part of their clothing was also common and demonstrated elegance and power among the people who wore it.

Jewelry made with quartz has many benefits. By using these healing stones, energy can be harnessed for things like protection, strengthening the immune system, or even achieving emotional balance.

Quartz has three main classifications, and one of the best ways to take advantage of their functions is to include them in jewelry. The first classification is energetic, meaning that it will help repel any negative energies present in the environment. You can acquire heart-shaped earrings made of white quartz for this purpose. The second is protective, as quartz is considered a mineral that protects those who wear it. To achieve this function, you can use a bracelet made of golden quartz and finally, the healing properties that are amplified, such as mental peace, anxiety control, and emotions, such as the golden ring made of rose quartz..

These properties are obtained through the energy frequency of each quartz, also taking into account that each color emits a different vibe.

The relationship between healing energy comes from the positive results seen during its useto the point that it has been of interest to the scientific community, who want to study it for healing purposes.

In the studies already carried out, it has been found that jewelry with quartz develops two important phenomena that help us understand its energy powers: piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity.

  • Piezoelectricity: This phenomenon occurs when certain pieces of jewelry are subjected to mechanical stress, and an electric charge appears on the surface
  • Pyroelectricity: These are properties that some materials present that, when subjected to changes in temperature, achieve a transformation within the electric polarization that induces an electric field inside the quartz jewelry; this causes a movement in positive and negative charges.

With this, we conclude that through quartz we can change negative energies into positive ones. Using jewelry with this type of stone can bring us great benefits.

Jewelry, earrings, and necklaces made of natural and authentic pink quartz, ideal for taking care of personal energy and vibrations.

Does combining different quartz in jewelry affect their function?

The function of the quartz will not be affected by using various pieces of jewelry, but there are factors to consider in order to obtain the best results with quartz jewelry. It is important to note that stones of the same color tend to have compatibility at an energetic level.

If jewelry with crystals from the same family is combined, good results can be obtained. For example, it is appropriate to use jewelry that includes a rose quartz, an amethyst, and a citrine at the same time. With this, it can be guaranteed that they will work excellently together!

Energy cleansing for quartz jewelry.

Due to the nature of quartz, if it is used as jewelry on a daily basis, it is expected that it will retain high levels of energy, which can affect its functionality. Therefore, it is recommended to purify them periodically.

The purification method will depend on the type of quartz being treated. If the quartz can be submerged in water, it should be done with spring, stream, or sea water. When submerging the quartz, all unwanted energy is visualized and then it is left to dry in the open air. Rainwater can also be used as long as the area where it is collected is not heavily polluted. It is recommended to accompany the purification with a mantra that clearly rejects all negative energies from your piece of jewelry.

Cleaning of jewelry with quartz

To obtain the spiritual benefits of quartz jewelry, it is necessary to follow certain steps regarding its care and cleaning.You must avoid impacts or dropping these pieces, although they are known for their resistance, they can be damaged over time.

It is recommended that you clean your jewelry with a dry cloth, avoiding the use of cleaning chemicals, as they can permanently damage the quartz.

When cleaning your home and planning to use chlorine, it is preferable to remove all your jewelry, as this compound can cause the properties of the quartz to separate, causing permanent damage.

In addition to chlorine, there are other products that can damage your jewelry, such as acetone, ammonia, mineral solvents, and denatured alcohol. We also recommend removing your quartz jewelry when you shower or spend time in a pool.

Cosmetic products such as creams or perfumes can also cause the quartz jewelry to darken or lose its characteristic shine due to abrasion caused by different chemicals.

Each color of quartz has great benefits for you, wearing it as jewelry is an ideal way to obtain good energy.

Jewelry, Oval-shaped earrings made of natural rose quartz mineral to take care of personal energy and external vibrations.

Cuarzos.MX offers a wide variety of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, or rings, which stand out for their beauty and quality. We take advantage of their natural design to achieve uniqueness and unique energy.

For example, among this jewelry is the golden amethyst ring, which has an irregular shape with lilac tones and great properties such asthe transmutation of negative or positive energies..

Also, the golden bracelet of white quartz, a piece that stands out for its simplicity. This jewelry carries the stone of purification that helps us create positive thoughts.

Cuarzos.MX has a wide variety of models within its jewelry catalog; we manage to combine style and healing properties within each of these pieces. Discover our online store now and buy the one you like or represents you the most.


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