Earrings made of quartz to find balance in your life

Earrings are not only an accessory to look good wherever you go. They also serve to attract positive energy into your life by using the appropriate quartz for each aspect you want to improve. Don't take it lightly! Every decision you make today is important for your emotional health in the future. The earrings, besides wearing them with elegance, will be your companions to start healing. We invite you to keep reading this content to learn more about the healing properties of quartz and to discover the finely crafted earrings we have for you. Cuarzos.Mx is a great option to order beautiful jewelry in 100% original quartz. Earrings; semi-precious transparent stones with handmade details to be worn on the ears, ideal for improving energy flow.


Rose Quartz Earrings

Although there is a wide variety of colors, rose quartz is a favorite among many people. Those who study its authenticity and value have described the following properties: Sedative properties Earrings made with rose quartz can help you reduce stress and tension accumulated in your body. They are perfect for anyone, as it is common to feel anxiety or nervousness in certain situations. In this way, we can obtain peace in a natural and satisfactory way.

Attracts love

Another property well known by people is the ability to attract love with this quartz. Its rosy hue can be found in matte or faceted finishes. Receive the love you have been waiting for with rose quartz! Earrings, semi-precious stones made with quartz, oval-shaped earrings with silver-colored details on the edges, ideal for improving energy.


It has been said for a long time that this stone represents harmony and tranquility. By wearing them as earrings, their vibrations will protect you from negative energies and will be of great help when you are feeling sad or disappointed.

Body and Soul Pain

Pink quartz earrings have been used by different cultures around the world. In India, many people use them to treat discomforts in the body and soul. Hindus use these quartzes as a treatment for some bone diseases. That is why at Cuarzos.Mx we fully trust in the properties that these quartzes can provide you.

Symbol of femininity

Due to the nature of their color, by using these earrings, you can demonstrate delicacy and elegance. You can even combine them with other accessories such as quartz bracelets or necklaces to increase the properties of this semiprecious stone.

White Quartz Earrings

This type of earrings is made with white quartz, which is associated with greater spirituality. It is attributed with purifying and protective properties that help eliminate negative energies in the body and the environment. In addition, they are symbols of purity, strength, and innocence. Therefore, they are sometimes used for meditation and to cleanse the body, mind, and soul. White quartz can protect people from negative energies and bad vibes, as well as repel people who bring such energies. It can also bring serenity and improve the attitude of the person wearing it or keeping it nearby. The most common forms in which this quartz is used is for meditation, thanks to its properties, it can cleanse the body, soul, and mind by balancing the chakras. Especially those located in the head, throat, and spleen. On the other hand, they have been used in jewelry and accessories, such as earrings. This combination brings together the beauty of quartz with its beneficial properties for people. Earrings, semi-precious stones to look spectacular, purple quartz in natural point form, with which the earrings for energy are made At Cuarzos.Mx we have the most beautiful earrings that you can't miss. Quartz is undoubtedly an element that should always accompany us. If it is in the form of earrings, it couldn't be better. We seek quality in each of our pieces and the best attention for all our buyers. We firmly believe in the wisdom of nature, and we take with due respect what she has made available to us. We have different models of earrings: heart-shaped earrings made with white quartz, geodes in their natural form, red jasper and even obsidian. Visit all our quartz categories and be surprised by the beauty and benefits they have for you.

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