Decorative quartz

Quartz to protect your home by warding off negative energies

Quartz has various functions, but mainly it is attributed as a positive energy catalyst and protector against negative energies for those who wear it as jewelry or have it in their living space.


The energy obtained through quartz

For a long time, many cultures have believed that certain stones held powers, including the ability to protect the home and provide a sense of complete well-being.

Quartz for protecting your house: the most effective ones

There are several quartz stones that are considered the most effective for protecting your house, starting with black tourmaline, which is highly effective at repelling negative energies, eliminating fear, and promoting a peaceful environment. Another great option is clear quartz, which is good for attracting positivity and happiness. This type of quartz is especially effective when there are gatherings of many people in one place.

Amethyst is also one of the most commonly used for protection. It is recommended to always leave it at the entrance of the house to transmute negative energies into positive ones.

Among the list of quartz crystals for protecting the house, Shungite is one that can be mentioned, as it is closely related to the protection of all the energy emitted by electronic devices, which is why it is recommended to place it in the space where there is the most concentration of devices.

Finally, there are tiger's eye and obsidian, both of which work very well to block negative energies, amplify the creativity of family members, and also balance the vibes to achieve states of mental peace and prevent tense situations.

Where is it recommended to place a quartz crystal to protect the house?

When acquiring a quartz crystal to protect the house, it is good to know with certainty in which places the placement of each piece is most recommended. While it is necessary to take into account the properties of each one in particular, the location where it is placed also has a great influence on the effect.

Main door

It is one of the points where it is most advisable to prevent negative energies with the placement of a quartz crystal to protect the house. It is very good to have white quartz crystals to harmonize the entire space and repel all negativity. Likewise, amethyst is considered one of the most used for its shielding function.

Living room or common room

Black tourmaline can be the option for this space, as many people gather here, it is perfect for absorbing unwanted vibrations. If your goal is to attract more harmony for your family, we recommend having a rose quartz, calcite, or onyx.


This area is one of the most important in the house because it is where a purification process can be carried out to achieve a state of total relaxation. One of the most commonly used are rose quartz or fluorite. Whatever the quartz crystal that is located in this space, it is good to have it very close to the bed, such as on a nightstand or even under the pillow.


It is good to use quartz in a space like the kitchen, where many people spend a great deal of time. The most commonly used colors for this area of a home are blue or even green quartz, thanks to their neutralizing effect and ability to help balance the environment, providing a space of brotherhood and safety for understanding.

It is valuable to have a quartz in every space of a home, with the help of these, coexistence will be simpler and more peaceful. You can check all the options we handle at Cuarzos.MX and choose the one you like the most, but above all the one that is most functional for the energies that have been detected in your home.

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