Citrine Quartz providing energy through beauty

Citrine Quartz is a stone that goes far beyond just being beautiful, it has properties that can create a union between the physical and spiritual world that can enhance different energy capacities of those who wear it or have it in their homes. At Cuarzos.MX you can find very beautiful objects that include citrine quartz.


What is citrine quartz?

Citrine quartz, which is also known as yellow quartz or orange quartz, is considered a stone belonging to the group of tectosilicates, very difficult to obtain due to its beauty and popularity, but it is possible to purchase it at Cuarzos.MX

A semi-precious gem that has a name from the word citron! which means lemon, this due to the citrus notes that are distinguished in their shades, such as yellow, orange or even specks or translucent golden lines.

Cuarzo en bruto, mujer sosteniendo una geoda de cuarzo morado

Natural Citrine Quartz: Colors and Authenticity

In order to obtain a natural citrine quartz, it is necessary for high temperatures to occur naturally on an amethyst stone, consolidating the particular color that characterizes citrine. To distinguish when a citrine quartz had a natural formation, it is easy to do so by observing its colors, it should have a color between yellow, orange, and subdued brown that is difficult to achieve when formed through artificial processes.

The extraction of citrine quartz can be done naturally, locating its main deposits that are found in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Scotland, Spain, or the United States.

It is important to note that in many retail outlets that offer citrine quartz presentations, they can be identified as fake because the colors they present are more intense, while the extracted citrine quartz presents lighter tones. At Cuarzos.MX you can find high-quality citrine quartz pieces that will give the perfect aesthetic for all the spaces in your home.

Properties of citrine quartz

Different properties have been attributed to citrine quartz, highlighting the effects it has on areas such as spirituality and energy, making it suitable for use in crystal therapy or gem therapy. When combined with metallic structures, precious objects can be created to complement all spaces.

Citrine quartz is widely used to attract aspects such as prosperity, wisdom, and a sense of happiness to the lives of those who possess it, being able to transform feelings such as fear or anxiety into opportunities for growth and calm for people and environments.

Cuarzo en bruto, sitio en donde se encuentra un yacimiento de cuarzos

In addition, citrine quartz has the ability to boost people's success, attracting things such as abundance or job and economic stability; it does so by helping you get rid of all the mental barriers that problems generate, paving the way for a future-focused vision.

  • Energetic properties. Like all stones of this type, citrine quartz has several energetic properties, it has a great power to generate vibes that help improve self-esteem. These are beneficial for situations of chronic sadness or depression, its functionality in this regard is to overcome situations that represent suffering, such as losses.

  • Healing properties. Citrine quartz also has healing properties related to the stomach, such as improving digestion or gastric problems.

  • Esoteric properties. In the esoteric sector, citrine quartz is highly relevant. The energy contained in citrine quartz can enhance the energies of the environment, which produces a better vision of future events, and these properties are very helpful for card readings.

Main uses of citrine quartz

Citrine quartz has multiple uses, at Cuarzos.MX we recommend using it as a way to enhance wealth in all aspects of life. This is possible if it is placed in common spaces that are generally related to monetary attraction or good vibes, such as home, office, or any business. Its use can attract success in all those areas of life, but this power must be accompanied by the efforts that each person makes in the pursuit of their goals.

Another use that can be highlighted for citrine quartz is that it serves as an amulet that protects against negative energies projected towards a person, keeping away things like bad thoughts, chakra imbalances, or the evil eye.

How to clean and charge citrine quartz

To clean citrine quartz, a very similar process to that followed by all other energy stones must be followed. Submerge the citrine quartz in saltwater or seawater for approximately ten minutes and then remove the remaining salt with lukewarm water; the temperature is important so that the stone does not lose the effects of the first step.

Cuarzo en bruto, pieza de selenita sin haber pasado por el proceso de pulir

Similarly, it is noteworthy that there are different ways in which it is believed that citrine quartz can be recharged, two of the most prominent being to leave the stone in direct exposure to the light of the full moon.

At Cuarzos.MX we have a diverse catalog of products that have citrine quartz in their design, resulting in pieces that not only look beautiful, but also bring many benefits to your life. Get your favorite one and place it in the spaces you frequently visit.

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