Bracelets, wear the quartz you need all the time.

Bracelets are one of the most original and comfortable ways to wear the quartz you need. In addition to being beautiful accessories that match your clothing, you get great spiritual benefits.


You may have received or purchased quartz to achieve positive energy, but did you know that each quartz provides you with specific qualities?.

Here’s more about these ancestral crystals with physical and chemical properties that can absorb different energies and vibrations.

Why Choose Quartz Bracelets?

Quartz is a mineral composed of crystalline silica, and because of this composition, we obtain a resistant stone with energetic properties that serve for protection and balance.

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In addition to these characteristics, quartz provides us with healing qualities and energy control. Some civilizations such as the Aztecs, the Egyptians, or the Romans have used bracelets and wristbands with quartz to harness its power of physical and mental healing, as well as a way to ward off negative energies from our environment.

How to choose the right stone bracelets?

The belief in the power of stones has been around for a long time, and because of their mystical properties, it is recommended to wear them all the time. An effective way to use them is to include them in bracelets.

In addition to the energy benefits obtained, wearing bracelets of this type serves as an accessory with which you can express yourself, as well as to tell a story or a memory.

The way natural stones work is through the energy that you project and interact with in your daily life. Through this process, the vibes are returned to you so that you can harness them.

But before buying bracelets to receive their benefits, you must make sure that it is the right one for you. Regarding the aesthetic level, the main thing is that you like it and also reflects who you are. But on the side of the properties that stones can offer you, it is necessary to consider the meaning of each stone and at the same time define which one will contribute the most to your life.

Meaning of quartz stones

A person making quartz bracelets.

Amethyst quartz

This quartz is distinguished by its beautiful purple color that helps us block and ward off negative energies. It can also help us sleep and is a faithful aid for organizing the ideas of the mind and finding solutions; Cuarzos.MX has beautiful bracelets and amethyst bracelets.

Clear quartz

At first glance, it can be mistaken for crystal, but it is not; it is one of the simplest and most elegant quartz we can find. It helps us to clear our mind and provides us with harmony and balance. It is believed that this mineral is one of the most powerful and easiest to charge with positive energy through blankets while wearing quartz bracelets.

Rose quartz

Known as the love quartz, this is one of the most gifted minerals in accessories such as bracelets or bangles. It helps us to open up to any kind of love, whether it's self-love, family love, friendship, or romantic love. It is also considered a negative energy liberator.


This quartz gives us the possibility to balance our energy. Wearing bracelets with this mineral helps us to maintain focus during our activities and allows us to achieve security and self-esteem.


This is one of the noblest quartzes, distinguished by its sea-like color and ability to ward off negative energies such as fear or stress, thus showing us a path to peace; aquamarine bracelets protect us from negative vibrations and rejuvenate our mind, body and spirit.


This is one of the most beautiful and striking quartzes due to its black and shiny color, wearing bracelets with this mineral will make you look amazing; in addition, it will help you absorb toxic energy, dissolve blockages and tensions.

Natural stone bracelets according to the Chinese horoscope

Due to the characteristics of the signs, they require energy to be enhanced at different levels and areas, that is why you must be careful with which bracelet you will use.

It is believed that according to their properties, each stone contained in bracelets can bring luck or protection to each of the signs of the Chinese zodiac. However, this does not mean that other signs cannot wear bracelets with other types of stones, but rather that these are the most suitable for the twelve signs.

Bracelets made with rose quartz and aquamarine quartz.


Due to their conservative, introverted, and responsible nature; it is convenient for them to use bracelets that contain stones such as aquamarine because it will help them invoke tolerance in the people around them.


For this sign, it is favorable to have the benefits provided by rose quartz since they are hypersensitive people who do not tolerate being alone but are very sociable and good confidants.


Not being afraid to express their sensitivity and their character in a fully honest way, they are capable of identifying possible conflicts and avoiding them because they are predisposed to lose control easily. Therefore, it is advisable for them to use bracelets that incorporate stones such as citrine, because these crystals will protect them.


People who attract attention, full of energy to share and, therefore, receive it in equal measure. It is difficult for them to admit their mistakes, but these are the same ones that keep them in various controversies. For them, it is recommended to use bracelets that contain stones such as amethyst.


Very skilled and intelligent people, they seek to achieve specific goals both personally and professionally. They are very selective and like to maintain routines and stability, so it is convenient for them to wear bracelets with agate.


Cunning individuals, good leaders and very protective. The ideal bracelets for them are those that help them balance their temperament and feel comfortable with themselves, such as black tourmaline.


Very generous and free individuals to satisfy a need regardless of the cost, it is because of these characteristics that they require bracelets that facilitate achieving balance and containment, for which they can wear stones like lapis lazuli.


For the protection of these individuals, it is possible to use bracelets that contain white or transparent quartz. Due to their direct and observant personality, the use of these stones can help them find mental peace.


Their personality leads them to help those in need because they are very empathetic, but it is very difficult for them to control mood swings, which often causes them to feel sad or melancholic about things beyond their control. For them, it is ideal to use bracelets with azurite, as it helps to ward off negative thoughts.


For these individuals, tiger's eye bracelets are recommended, as their properties of both physical and emotional stability will achieve balance in their strong character that seeks to achieve their goals and independence.

How to Clean and Charge Your Quartz Bracelets

At this point, it is important to note the difference between cleaning quartz bracelets when we first purchase them and when we have used them ourselves for some time.

Quartz crystals used for bracelets.

When we buy bracelets with quartz, they will have a very strong negative energy charge due to many people having touched them before they reach us.

One way to clean your quartz bracelets is by using running water, seawater, incense or smudging, and to recharge them, leave them in the light of the full moon; place them in a container and leave them overnight, in this way the crystal will receive all the necessary energy to recharge.

Now that you know the most popular and helpful quartz crystals in our life, you can choose from the wide variety of bracelets and bangles that we offer. The most valuable thing when acquiring bracelets that contain semiprecious stones is that you feel satisfied with what they provide, that they help you regulate your energy and improve your emotional stability. Our catalog features unique and beautiful designs that combine different minerals that have a very strong positive energy when combined. Enter now at Cuarzos.MX and buy your favorite.

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