Chakras: Take care of your mind and body with healing quartz

Chakras: Align your chakras with therapeutic quartz stones for the care of your body, mind, and emotions caused by stress or emotional discomfort. Place them in your home or use them as accessories and carry them with you to relieve and protect yourself.

Chakras: Learn all about chakras for your emotional well-being

The chakras are points in the human body that require balance for your physical and emotional well-being. To keep them in the correct position, meditation and having the correct amulets that maintain the flow of energy from the head to the root is of utmost importance.

Keeping them in perfect sync is not an easy task; that's why you need energy assistance with the products you will find in this category of our store. Each quartz and crystal you will see here will provide your chakras with the energy they need to maintain that harmony with each other.

To learn more about the seven chakras in the body, below we will talk a little more about each of them, what they represent, and how you can identify them. Additionally, we will tell you how you can keep them aligned so that your body can take advantage of the positive energy that comes in.


Chakras: mujer meditando con cuarzos

Chakras: Benefits of Aligning and Balancing Your Energy Centers

Chakras are energy centers in the human body that help balance emotions and the mind, associating different important aspects of the human condition. These aspects can be organic, psychological, spiritual, and physical, and each one is identified by a color and a body part.

The term chakra comes from Hinduism and various Eastern cultures that named these points “circle” or “wheel” in Sanskrit. Each of these circles has a particular name and is located at a specific point within your body.

Chakras: Where Are They and What Do They Mean?

Chakras are located along the spine of the human body and are associated with messenger endocrine glands of the bloodstream. There are 7 centers distributed from the crown of the head to the pelvic floor, also known as the root, and they are as follows:

  • Muladhara, the Root Chakra: This chakra is the base of the spine and is associated with factors such as the digestive system, sleep, sexuality, and temperament. It is represented by the color red, and a technique to keep it balanced is to meditate in the lotus position.
  • Svadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra: This chakra is related to the human intimate parts, is sensitive and highly emotional, and helps regulate all feelings and sexual energy. The color orange is what identifies it, and when perfectly aligned, it provides energy to favor reproduction and pleasure.
  • Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura is located at the navel and balances the digestive system, pancreas, and gallbladder. It helps us eliminate what we don't need or let go. It is represented by the color yellow and attracts all of its energy from the sun and the planet Mars, thus helping with control and personal power.
  • Anahata, the heart chakra: Located in the center of the heart, it is associated with love in all its forms, forgiveness, compassion, and peace. It is also associated with the liver, lungs, and immune system, which is where it is located. Recognized by its green color and ruled by the element of air.
  • Vishuddha, the throat chakra: It is the chakra represented by the color purple and is located near the throat; this allows for the balance of expression of our being and our ability to dialogue and communicate with others correctly and with great benefits.
  • Ajna, the third eye chakra: It is related to our nervous system, emotions, mind, and spirit; furthermore, it is the gateway of the mind to self-assurance. It is located between the eyebrows and is represented by the indigo color; along with the chakra crystals we have in this section, you can use a clear quartz.
  • Sahasrara, the crown chakra: Located on the crown of the head, it is the gateway that opens to pure consciousness, which is the chakra that balances thoughts and emotions to be in connection. It is the color white that represents it, although purple and violet are also used; it is the one that connects the body to the spiritual plane.

Chakras: Harmonize and balance your inner peace

To align and return them to their harmony, there are many methods such as meditation, yoga, or aromatherapy; but, we want to focus on the crystals that restore that balance. Each of these chakras has a stone that helps them maintain their balance and return to where they should be.

The attributes of the 7 chakras are associated with a specific vibration that can connect with the properties of each of the quartz stones of the color they represent. To help minerals and crystals flow energy between each chakra, you can place them at each of the points where they are located and attract them back to their place.

At CuarzoMx, you will find carved quartz in sets so that you can align your chakras while meditating, in addition to chakra bracelets with different minerals such as moonstone or tiger's eye that attract positive energy.

Chakras: essential centers to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Aligning the chakras of the body is very important to avoid feeling imbalance in the body and mind because otherwise, it can affect your physical and emotional health. The chakras are essential points that are part of emotions and that in turn directly affect the organs of the body.

Chakras: alinealos con cuarzos

Knowing your chakras is ideal for taking care of your emotional health and creating an environment of harmony and inner peace in your body temple. If the chakras become imbalanced, they can cause serious illnesses such as pain, spasms, tension in the body, and a breakdown in the body's defenses.

Cuarzos are natural stones that help relieve physical and mental discomfort, purify the body, and help release tension or negative energies caused by the imbalance of any of the chakras. One recommendation is the practice of meditation with quartz stones that will help protect your body and mind.

Cuarzos are natural mineral stones that the universe provides us to create a connection with ourselves through meditation, which is nothing more than a state of tranquility focusing on breathing and the body. You should know that the chakras are the center of your vitality and if one of them is not balanced, it can cause illnesses in your body.

The chakras are energy points that must be in balance because they can become disoriented with the activities or pressures that you face every day. One way to maintain balanced chakras is to use accessories or quartz stones near your resting and working space.

Cuarzos are channels with natural properties to relieve and protect against negative vibrations or thoughts that may affect the balance of your chakras with your mind, emotional and physical health. It is important that you promote a state of calm and inner peace with positive thoughts that help you feel good and emit good energy.

Within the energy points of the body called chakras, countless emotions, energies, thoughts, and behaviors are housed and manifested by the body, which is why it is important to protect your body and mind from situations that can affect your mental and physical state. Having balance in the energy points of the body is essential as it can help balance the chakras of your emotions, thoughts, and mind.

Aligning the chakras is essential with natural stones that can be used with jewelry creating a field of protection in the body and emotions, these types of accessories with quartz stones create a barrier of protection against negative vibes that can harm your body, they are aesthetic accessories that can complement your look.

Taking care of your chakras or energy centers can promote a state of calm and peace not only in your body and mind but in everything around you. Having a natural quartz stone or accessory is ideal for protecting your environment, filling it with peace and tranquility.

Some of the signs that indicate that your chakras are unbalanced include body pain and tension, discomfort and disapproval of your body, emotional and mental disorientation, unpleasant thoughts about yourself, fear of what may come, emotional instability, and self-sabotage.

These are some of the reasons why you need to balance your spiritual and physical peace, as chakras are essential centers from where your internal peace and love originate. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a natural therapeutic treatment with stones that help channel your body, mind, and emotions for better well-being.

With CuarzoMx, you can get all the holistic products to align your chakras at a wholesale price. All the crystals are extracted from the mines in Zacatecas and worked in an artisanal way. Buy quartz stones for chakras and holistic rituals from this section.

Chakras: Healing Functions Through Quartz

Distintas piedras chakras para el equilibrio de los chakras

Each of the chakras has a specific energy that is represented and vibrates with a different color, and by aligning them with a quartz of the same color, a spiritual, physical, and emotional alignment can be achieved.

This practice is known today as Gemotherapy or Crystal healing, and for more than 5,000 years, chakras and precious stones or crystals have been used in traditional medicine of ancient civilizations in countries such as China or India.

In this article, you will discover the functions of the chakras and the different ways to benefit from them through quartz.

The functions of the chakras

Each of the chakras is associated with specific parts and functions of the body as they act through the 7 endocrine glands which are responsible for generating a response in mental balance, bodily functioning, and emotional equilibrium.

These are each of the 7 chakras:

  • Muladhara or Root Chakra, red color: Strength, security, and instinct.
  • Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra, orange color: Sexuality, emotions, and happiness.
  • Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra, yellow color: Energy, vitality, and power.
  • Anahata or Heart Chakra, green color: Love, compassion, and hope.
  • Vishuddha or Throat Chakra, blue color: Communication, expression, and truth.
  • Ajna or Third Eye Chakra, violet or indigo color: Intuition, Clairvoyance, and logic.
  • Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, violet or white color: Understanding, spirituality, and consciousness.

We can notice the functioning of each of the chakras in the decisions we make; these valves open and close when we decide what to think or feel during certain circumstances.

For example, when we are in a moment of stress caused by economic problems, the energetic valve of the solar plexus closes and the energy flow stops, this can lead to physical discomfort such as gastritis; therefore, controlling the chakras can be beneficial for our health.

The control of the chakras can be achieved through healing crystals, which if we manage to choose accurately, we will get all their benefits.

Learn about crystals compatible with the chakras

Conjunto de cuarzos y piedras chakras ideales para amplificar la energía de los chakras

Quartz crystals are ideal for activating and amplifying the energy of each of the chakras in our body. Below is a list of each of the healing crystals that are compatible with the chakras.

  • Root Chakra: Tiger's Eye, Garnet, Red Jasper, and Red Calcite.
  • Sacral Chakra: Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Orange Aventurine, and Sunstone.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Amber, Yellow Calcite, and Citrine.
  • Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz, Peridot, Green Fluorite, Green Aventurine, and Jade.
  • Throat Chakra: Blue Quartz, Aquamarine, Celestite, Sodalite, and Lapis Lazuli.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Amethyst, Charoite, and Purple Fluorite.
  • Crown Chakra: Selenite Quartz, White Quartz, Moonstone, and Amethyst.

How do healing stones work with chakras?

Stones or crystals have a natural healing frequency that, when activated, can help with energy movement and balance; with chakras, a specific vibrational signature is created with each stone.

How to choose the ideal quartz?

It is recommended to use intuition to select your healing stone; analyze in which areas you need help. In the catalog of Cuarzos.MX, you can find different stones that represent each chakra and that will help you achieve the physical and emotional balance you are looking for.

The use of quartz for the protection and balance of the chakras is one more tool to heal the body, spirit, and mind; Cuarzo.MX has a wide variety of products with specific quartz for each chakra; discover our catalog and find the one that suits you best.



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