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Cuarzos.MX is a Mexican company founded by miners in the beautiful city of Zacatecas more than 20 years ago. We position ourselves in the market as a company specialized in the sale of decorative quartz, collectible specimens, fossils, holistic items, crafts, and quartz jewelry.

Our blood is mining, since the beginning of the century, our ancestors have dedicated themselves to the extraction of minerals and now we have found this beautiful concept to bring it to you in different forms and varieties of semi-precious stones.


Due to their physical and chemical properties, it is believed that quartz and minerals are capable of absorbing different energies and vibrations. They also have properties such as healing, protection, and the ability to control energies. Ancient civilizations used them in jewelry and amulets for physical and mental healing, as well as to ward off negative energies.

The meaning and energetic properties of quartz vary according to their colors.

WhitePeace, purification, and serenity.
PinkLove, positive feelings, and emotional balance.
Blue – Calmness, wisdom, and communication.
Green – Health, balance, and tranquility.
Purple or lilac – Transmutation. Intuition and spirituality.
Orange – Joy and creativity.
Yellow – Prosperity, abundance, and achievement.
Black – Protection, blocks negative energies.

Piedra zafiro
Piedra esmeralda
Piedra lapislázuli

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Quartz to align our positive energy.

Quartz is one of the most popular minerals used in jewelry, amulets, and jewelry accessories to attract good luck and emotional well-being, there is a wide variety of quartz, depending on its composition and color.

At Cuarzos.MX, you will find an excellent variety of quartz for sale. Just choose the quartz that you like and that attracts good energy to your life, whether in small jewelry details or as a decorative accessory for your home or office.

You will also find the tools for holistic rituals and aligning your chakras. Don't miss the incredible opportunity to buy a quartz with us.

We are experts and we want to give you an excellent online buying and selling option!


How should you choose your quartz?

To be able to use them to our advantage, it is important first of all to choose the one that you like the most or that calls your attention at that moment. The crystals choose you, the one that you feel attracted to, whether it's because of its color, shape, or because it makes you feel a special vibration, is the one you need at that moment. You can also choose by its meaning, depending on what you're looking for: love, protection, peace, health, abundance, etc. Either way, a crystal will always bring you good energy.

There are times when our mood needs a rose quartz to balance the energy of our emotions, as well as that of our heart. Other times we need an amethyst to transmute negative energy into positive and protect our environment from heavy situations or people with dense energy.

A selenite is important to facilitate the connection when meditating, the light of the selenite provides greater concentration, making it easier for us to enter deeper meditative states.

The tiger's eye is a powerful mineral to protect us against the energy of envy, good to wear at work when the environment is heavy or there are very dense energies around.

Malachite is a mineral of strong green tones and, due to its nature, is powerful for attracting economic abundance as well as health.

Another highly sought-after crystal is black tourmaline in presentations such as rings, pendants, and bracelets, which is for protection against dense negative energies.

Shungite is a very powerful mineral that has been discovered for its properties of protection against radiation from cell phones and electromagnetic waves.

Learn how to use the good energy of crystals in your day to day

  • Leave them at the entrance of your home or business to block bad energies.

  • In your workspace to improve your concentration and balance the energy of the environment.

  • In your wallet to attract economic abundance.

  • In your bedroom to attract peace and tranquility so that you can sleep better.

  • Under your pillow to help you fall asleep and avoid nightmares.

  • Place it in your living room to attract harmony for the whole family.

Careful with quartz crystals

How to clean and charge them.

Thanks to their ability to absorb energy, quartz crystals must be purified to maintain their protective properties. It is recommended to clean a quartz crystal when it is acquired or when it has been handled by other people.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the shine. When your quartz crystals appear dull or faded, it means that it is time to clean them. You can also observe the changes around them, as if you experience discomfort when using them, this also indicates that they need to be purified.

Quartz crystals require frequent purification with running water, seawater, incense, smudging or with another crystal, such as Selenite, to prevent them from bringing unwanted energies into our home. It is always recommended to check the type of quartz crystal, as some should not be wet, such as Tourmaline, Malachite, Selenite, Pyrite, etc. After cleaning them, they need to be charged.

  • You can charge them with sunlight or moonlight, sound, or by burying them in the ground.

  • The sunlight or moonlight is an excellent option to fill your quartz with greater energetic power.

  • Sound. Musical frequencies that hit the crystal will recharge it with energy. You can use Tibetan singing bowls, for example. A loud and harmonious sound helps balance the vibrations of the quartz.

  • Earth. Burying the quartz crystals helps to improve their vibrations. You can leave them in a flowerpot, in the garden, or in a glass container with soil.

How to program or set intentions for quartz crystals

After cleaning and charging your quartz crystals, you should program or set your intentions for them.

When you set an intention, you are establishing what you want to experience and achieve through your actions. For quartz crystals, it's similar - programming or setting an intention is asking for their help in the areas you want to change or improve, whether it's professional, romantic, health, family, etc. Here are the steps to program them:

  1. Hold your quartz crystal in your hands.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on the energy of the crystal and what you want to achieve with it.
  3. You can say out loud: "I program this crystal for...", saying what you desire.
  4. Meditate for at least 30 minutes with that intention in mind and your crystal close to you.

Articles in which we transform quartz crystals

Quartz; Citrine quartz to help take care of the skin and attract health.

Points and Double Points

Quartz points are formed by six faces that culminate in a sharp tip. Thanks to this shape, their energy increases and is transmitted around them. Points are used to eliminate bad vibrations from the environment and in therapies to renew and balance people's energy.

Double-pointed quartz allows energy flow in both directions. Very useful for healing and energy balance.


Quartz massagers have many benefits for the skin, such as facial rollers, and others are used for therapeutic massages with the application of stones at different temperatures on the skin to facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus relieve physical and emotional disorders. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Has a draining effect
  • Prevents sagging
  • Totally decreases eye contour bags
  • Calms anxiety
  • Decreases stress
  • Softens expression lines
  • Relaxes facial and body muscles
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation


Pendulums are tools for perceiving and working with energy. Their function is to help in the search for answers to questions about your life.

You will see that they are available to purchase in a variety of beautiful natural crystals and different styles that are charming.

Quartz Pyramids

Pyramid-shaped quartz has the ability to amplify and concentrate energy. The type of quartz used to carve it will determine the generated energy. A pyramid is always a good option to place in your bedroom, living room, or office. In addition to capturing energy, it will help clean the environment.

Artisan Jewelry

A fun, beneficial, and beautiful way to obtain all the benefits that quartz provides in life is to include it in the jewelry we use daily. Quartz is commonly used in jewelry, as we can carve it into rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories.

The beauty and resistance of quartz allow us to create beautiful jewelry that can help you highlight and accompany your style; in addition to providing you with great spiritual benefits through its millennia-old energy.

The quartz we have and their meanings

When carrying a quartz daily or using it as decoration, it is important to be clear about how it will affect your life and neutralize or enhance different energies in the environment. To achieve this, the choice of quartz type will be of great importance.

Discover the meaning of quartz and learn about all the options that Cuarzos.MX has for you.

White Quartz

This quartz helps purify existing energies, providing mostly peace within yourself, both mentally, psychologically, and energetically. This is the purest, most susceptible, and natural quartz of all.

Quartz; different types of white and transparent quartz in front of a book on a table.

Pink quartz

This is the quartz of love and harmony. Peace for your heart.

Rose quartz is known as the love quartz that provides energy to balance emotional health, releasing stress and sadness. Its natural beauty makes this crystal one of the most popular talismans in our store. In addition, its healing properties make it very attractive to use for taking care of physical and mental health. Also, use it to attract harmony in your home.

Blue Quartz

Blue quartz links calmness with relaxation, making it great if you need to work continuously.

The role of the blue color is to control and relax the nervous system of our being, thus reducing the electrical stress loads (cortisol) transmitted to our brain. It is widely used for the throat chakra. Improve your communication skills.

Green Quartz

Amethyst Quartz

Amethyst quartz is a very strong stone for protection. Its vibration helps to transmute negative energies into positive ones. This beautiful quartz is perfect for your home or business, widely used for interior decorations.

Citrine Quartz

Quartz of prosperity. Illumination and wisdom. If you have an energy blockage, this quartz is right for you, it will help you not only at a spiritual level but also at a physical level, it will help you to have confidence in yourself.

Quartz of colors.:

Colored quartz has a broad meaning and its usual conceptions are related to creativity, joy, and well-being.

It would be perfect for a person who is or wants to be extroverted. It improves your mood and enhances creativity in any professional area.

How to choose the right quartz?

For deep personal knowledge, it is good to accompany exploration with the help of the ideal quartz that can have a beneficial effect in daily life.

Under this premise, it should be clear that the power of quartz manifests itself as the union of the physical plane with that which maintains itself as a guardian of vibes and energies. With all that in mind, it could be difficult to make the right choice, so at Cuarzos.MX, we present a guide for you to acquire the best for you.

According to numerology

When numerology is approached, we are talking about the number that will mark your life path. At Cuarzos.MX, we help you decipher which one is for you so you can choose the best quartz based on that. To identify the number that corresponds to you, it is enough to perform a couple of sums on the numbers that make up your birth date, carrying out the process until a single-digit number remains.

  • Number 1. People who are assigned the number 1 are agents who stand out for their leadership and independence skills. To continue enhancing these skills, the best quartz for them is tiger's eye.
  • Number 2. The energetic power that numerology gives to these people is that of a caring, sensitive, and above all, diplomatic being. The best choice is to look for a rose quartz. With it, they will be able to be in greater connection with their emotions and learn to regulate them.
  • Number 3. Due to their communication and social relationship skills, it is best for these people to have a quartz that allows them wisdom, such as sodalite.
  • Number 4. This number is related to compassion and solidarity. For these people, a quartz that helps them maintain balance, such as white quartz, is recommended.
  • Number 5. Under qualities such as creativity and improvement in knowledge, the quartz that suits these people the most is a luminous one such as citrine.
  • Number 6. They are people characterized by responsibility and logic. To guide their energies in the right way, a quartz like black tourmaline is recommended.
  • Number 7. Having this number means that they are intuitive and very balanced people. For them, the ideal quartz is angelite to help them gain clarity.
  • Number 8. Strong and ambitious, the ideal quartz is pyrite, with which you will challenge the norms.
  • Number 9. Related to humanism and justice, the best quartz is lapis lazuli or blue jasper.

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